This is only a partial list of the things I do. If you’re not sure if I can help you, contact me to find out.


  • design/redesign your web site
  • style/brand your blog/forum
  • design/redesign your logo/tag line
  • design and produce CDs, posters, shirts and other merch
  • set-up your files for various media including screen and print

Web Development

  • set up your domain name (your “dot com”)
  • host your web site
  • set up your e-mail
  • make basic updates to your site
  • intergrate social networking
  • create an admin page for easier updates

Social Marketing

  • create a Facebook page
  • set up a Twitter account
  • create a WordPress blog
  • store/share/sell files/photos/music online
  • style/brand your social networking tools
  • integrate your social networking tools so you spend less time updating