Facebook Privacy and Security Settings: Notifications, Mobile, Followers

If you haven’t done so, please read the previous article Facebook Privacy and Security Settings: Manage Blocking

Now, on to Notifications, Mobile, Followers…

Getting Started

  1. Go to your timeline (click on your name in the blue bar at the very top)
  2. Click "Privacy shortcuts" (the little padlock icon)
  3. From the bottom of the list, click "See More Settings"
Finding Your Facebook Settings


From the left-hand menu, click "Notifications"

How You Get Notifications

This is exactly what it says. Choose to be notified by any combination of Facebook, Email, Push (alerts on your phone) and Text message.

When you get a notification about a post you commented on, there will usually be a little arrow in the upper-right of the post (you have to actually view the post to see this little arrow). When you click the arrow, you get a drop-down. One of the options is "Stop notifications". This will stop Facebook from notifying you every time someone else comments on the same post. For images and videos, the "Stop notifications" link is usually just above the comments section. You will still be notified if someone likes or responds to your comment. This is a great feature to stop notifications from individual posts.

What You Get Notified About

Again, pretty straightforward, choose what types of activities you get notifications about.

Mobile settings

From the left-hand menu, click "Mobile"

This is where you can add/remove mobile phones associated with your Facebook account. I use the Facebook mobile app so I don’t have anything configured here.

Follower Settings

From the left-hand menu, click "Followers"

Turn On Follow

Followers are people with whom you are not friends, but still wish to be notified of your Public activity. For example, if Paul McCartney had a personal Facebook page, he would likely decline a Friend request from me (not because he’s mean but because… do I have to explain it?). I can see content that Paul McCartney makes Public, but it won’t show up in my Timeline or Ticker unless a Friend of mine interacts with it (e.g. likes it). Even then, with the amount of content and Friends on Facebook, it’s unlikely I will see any content in my Timeline from people I’m not connected to in some way.

Enter Followers! I can "Follow" Paul McCartney and then any content he posts Publicly will more likely show up in my Timeline and/or Ticker. Very useful for celebrities and the like, but anyone can follow anyone. Turning this on allows others to follow you without being Friends with you. Followers will only ever be allowed to see your Public posts.

Follower Comments

This controls who can comment on your Public posts.

Follower Notifications

If you want to be notified when people who aren’t your Friends start following you and share, like or comment on your public posts, set this to "Everybody".


This is the same mechanism we covered in the General Account Settings > Username section of the article Facebook Privacy and Security Settings: An Overview.


You can connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account to make your social media posts more efficient. There are also a plethora of third-party plug-ins and applications that do this in a more robust way.

Follow Plugin

This gives you HTML code that you can copy/paste to your own website to encourage people to follow you.


While Notifications aren’t "Privacy" per se, being notified about how others are interacting with you and your content can keep you aware of your Facebook presence and who has access to what content.

Did you find this helpful? Is there something you’d like to see covered that isn’t here? Did I make a mistake or give bad information? Let me know in the comments below, feedback is appreciated!

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