Facebook Privacy and Security Settings: Manage blocking

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Now, on to Manage blocking…

Getting Started

  1. Go to your timeline (click on your name in the blue bar at the very top)
  2. Click "Privacy shortcuts" (the little padlock icon)
  3. From the bottom of the list, click "See More Settings"
Finding Your Facebook Settings

Manage blocking

From the left-hand menu, click "Blocking"

Restricted List

I love this feature! Let’s say you have someone on your Friends list and you don’t want them to see your posts unless you’ve decided to make the post Public. For exmaple, I’m Friends with my daughter on Facebook, but I don’t want her seeing everything I post. You can add this person to your "Restricted" list. They can now only see posts that you’ve made Public. They get no notification, so they have no way of knowing that they are on this list. One caveat: if you have mutual Friends and they share a post you made, their settings will apply to their post.

The setup and management is pretty straightforward, simply click "Edit list"

Manage blocking: Restricted list

From the next screen, from the drop-down list, select "On this list" to see and remove people you’ve restricted, or select "Friends" to choose people to add to your Restricted list. Again, they will not receive a notification that you’ve restricted them.

Manage blocking: Restricted list

Block users

People you block can no longer:

  • See things you post on your timeline
  • Tag you
  • Invite you to events or groups
  • Start a conversation with you
  • Add you as a friend

NOTE: Blocking someone doesn’t always mean they will never see your activity on Facebook. If you are members of the same group, play the same game, use the same app or are attending the same event, people you have blocked may be able to see your activity within those areas. They may even be able to like/share/comment on your activity. Also, if the blocked person has been able to see you in the past, they may have information (such as your username, e-mail address, phone number) that will allow them to continue sending you messages. If you need futher information about keeping yourself safe on Facebook, you can read Facebook’s General Safety Info documentation.

Managing your blocked list is simple, just add people to the list. They will not be notified that you have blocked them. When you block someone, Facebook treates it as a "two-way street" meaning you will no longer see or be able to interact with them either, within the confines mentioned previously. To unblock someone, just click the "Unblock" link beside their name. If you Unblock a person and wish to be their Friend, you will have to send a new Friend request to them.

Manage blocking: Blocking people

Block app invites, Block event invites, Block apps

If you are tired of getting invites for apps/games or events from a particular Friend, or app invites from a particular app, you can add the Friend or app to a list of "blocked invitations". I haven’t blocked any Friends from sending me invites, but I have blocked 146 apps (and counting!).

Manage blocking: Restricted list

When you get a request in your Timeline, you also have the option to "Ignore all requests from [Friend] or [app]". Sometimes it’s easier to do it when you get the request rather than managing it from your Blocking settings.

If you get a bunch of app requests at once, or if you somehow dismiss the request from your Timeline and/or Notifications but still want to block the app, you can do so through the App Center. Normally, I wouldn’t deviate from my methodical step-by-step, but this topic is related and I use it all the time myself, so I’m going to live life on the edge and jump out of the settings for now (see? I can be spontaneous… when it’s carefully planned).

From the top blue bar, select "Home". You will see Game Requests in the top-right "widget" section. To handle these all at once, from the left-hand column, select "Games" (UPDATE: The screen grab says "App Center" that was the old name, I just didn’t update the screen grab).

Manage blocking: App Center

From the menu on the Games screen, click "Activity". If you have recent activity (such as new requests), you will usually see Invites and Requests at the top of the page. If you don’t see them at the top, scroll to the bottom of the page (it takes a while to scroll as Facebook will keep populating the page with more games, but eventually you’ll get to the bottom of the page).

Once you see requests and invitations, for each request and invitation, click the "X" (we call this the "Cancel" button in the industry).

Manage blocking: Decline app invite

From the next screen (the "Confirmation screen"), select "Block [app name]" or "Ignore all requests from [user]".

Manage blocking: Block or ignore

From the next screen (the "Are you sure? screen"), click "Confirm".

Manage blocking: Confirm block

Believe it or not, there’s still one more screen (the "Dunsel screen"—if you’re not a Star Trek geek, look it up), click "Close". Why does Facebook make it so hard to block an app? Because apps are how it makes money and creates connections (which makes it money).

Manage blocking: OK

Blocking is yet another way to control your privacy, security and safety on Facebook.

Did you find this helpful? Is there something you’d like to see covered that isn’t here? Did I make a mistake or give bad information? Let me know in the comments below, feedback is appreciated!

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