About Not Mr. Pink

Who am I?

A bass player, designer/developer and instructor.

What do I do?

Most of the time I’m occupied with my full-time teaching gig (which includes quite a bit of production work as well).

When I have time I write a blog which includes everything from music news to software reviews to why people on the train have the need to stand up before it comes to a full stop. Sometimes my articles get picked up and published; sometimes people even read them.

Outside of that, and spending time with my four amazing kids, I try to help people whenever I can. If you need something done and I have the time and we happen to jive, I’ll probably do it for you.

Why do I do it?

Love, Karma and Fun

I’ve seen many talented artists scrape by and hack away for years because they didn’t have the help they needed when they needed it. I’ve been very fortunate in my life to often have the right support at the right time. I’m trying to give back to the Karmic pool. I truly believe if someone does you a favour, you should do someone else a favour when you can. Chances are the person who did you the favour won’t need it returned anyway, so why not spread the love to the next person?

I also like the sense of accomplishment when a project is finished. I actually get a thrill when I see a student have that “a-ha” moment or see a client’s smile when their project comes to fruition. Until that goes away, that is my main motivation for teaching and helping people when I can.

And of course it’s just cool to be involved with people I think are doing exciting things. Working on side projects keeps me tied to art and music in a way teaching software can’t.

Why am I Mr. Pink?

Because some guy on some other job is Mr. Purple